Data protection

Long before the EU-GDPR came into force, we advised companies in the area of data protection.

Even though the introduction of the EU-GDPR has created many obstacles, additional costs, questions and ambiguities, we are convinced that is an important step in the way that personal data is handled. Nobody wants to release their private data as goods, so that untrustworthy companies have access to the data. Nor does anyone want their data to be used to make fake identities in order to get involved in criminal activity. With the standardization of Europe-wide protection, a major step has been taken to promote the deletion of data acquired and stored without authorization.

In the initial steps, both the imprint and the compliant data protection declaration were implemented on the Internet presences in May 2018 - however this is only a fraction of the legal requirements prescribed by the EU-GDPR.

We discuss the existing status of the implemented measures with our customers during a status quo survey and develop the further procedure in a joint discussion.

We will be happy to advise you as to which steps your company must take in order to meet the legal requirements.